Something Different?

I hung around for a while and then he walked me home.

I lay on my bed as I had this morning.  This time with my eyes closed.  I had no need to stare at the ceiling.  My first kiss, eh?  He had kissed my cheek as I was on the doorstep as well.  He had seemed a lot clever than I had origianlly thought.  He was rich, hansome, not spotty, tall, funny and overall just plain nice.  He made me feel special and as if I was a real person.

I wondered how I made him feel.  I hope he enjoyed the kiss, I did.  He asked for my number and asked me out too.  That's surely a good sign.  He must like me a bit.  I don't think I don't like anything about him.  I like the fact that he's a rebel but he's not too rebellious.  I like the way he's so easy-going and he doesn't force me into doing anything I don't want to do.

We're going to see each other tomorrow.  He said he's going to take me out for a surprise.  I don't know what to expect.  What should I wear?  Well, I only wore jeans and a top today and that seemed okay.

Should I wear something more flashy and revealing?  Should I wear make-up?  Should I try something different?

The End

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