A smile is infectious... like the plague

"Ooooh, really rebellious.  Is that the first thing that your parents don't know about you've done?"  He smiled back.  So my friend was right.  Ah, she always is and she gets all the guys; the good ones too.  It was me this time though.  It was my chance to actually get a guy friend... or more.  I didn't want to blow it.  We were still in his entrance.  I eyed the younger pictures of him.  He was such a cute child, he had light brown, curly locks and he seemed so innocent.

I was lost for words, so I said the first thing that came into my mind.  "How tall are you?"

"Me?  I'm six one.  You?  About five six?"

"Yup.  Exactly."  He stopped just there and he leaned against the wall.  I stood in front of him.  He stared into my eyes hard, as if searching.

"You have beautiful eyes," he said.

"Is that a cheesy pick-up line?" I fought back imeediately, like I always did.

"No."  His face went paler.  He lost his smile.

What should I do?  What should I do?

I really liked him, did he like me?  Only one way to find out.

I dove into the murky depths of a black lake.

I moved towards him, put my hand on his soft face and gently bumped our noses together.

I let him kiss me.

The End

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