Game. Set. Match.

I'm ok. I guess I've just been studying for the upcoming exams."

"Aren't they not untill next February?"

"You can never be too prepared" I realised how droll I sounded. His packet of fags fell from his pocket as he threw up his coat. I imediatly knelt down and picked them up.  "Want one?" He offered. "Rebel a little".

I stammered "uh, well, why not." I awkwardly took the fag. Problem is I now have no idea what to do with it. He lit it and I only asumed I was to suck on the other end. Slowly I breathed in. I almost dropped the tiny hell stick as I choked on the fumes I had just inhaled. He looked really concerned as I wheezed wondering why he let me have one in the first place.

"You don't like it do you?" He grinned which I found hightly inapropraite considering I was half dying where I stood.

"Well not really" I managed between coughs.

"Then why didn't you just say no idiot." He took the little orange and white deamon from me and took a long drag from it. It appeared to taunt me as it sat perfectly in his mouth. Hell it had right to gloat, his lips where mine had been moments before was probably the closest I've ever come to a kiss. Now he probably thought I was an idiot trying to be cool. Jeeze like I hadn't already socialy rejected myself enough already.

"I guess I just thought I would try it."

He smiled symathetically at me. "Don't worry not everyones designed to be a rebel." What the hell was that supost to mean?  After a moments pause I now felt like an idiot again. He hadn't ended the sentance with a question which gave me nothing to say. "So where are you from anyway?" He asked. He had such good social skills I just felt like a hermit.

"Well I moved up here from nottingham a couple of years ago I guess."

He chuckled "You're funny. I meant what country? Your obviously not all english."

Am I funny? I was confused but I still tried to answer his question desperatly recalling the tips a freind often gave me about how to talk to boys. I admired her greatly. The way she could just be freinds with a guy yet still flirt when she felt like it. I bet she wouldn't have any trouble in this situation.

"Smile!" Her voice replayed inside my head. Otherwise people feel a little awkward. So I attempted to smile, maybe he would think I had deliberatly been funny. Though I'm still not quite sure what I said.

"I'm meant to be studying right now but I decided to sneak of of the house" I mentioned. Ha whos the rebel now!

The End

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