Getting Out Of The House For Once

I stepped out of the door, then realised I didn't have a clue where I was going or what I was going to do.


I had options - God, did I have options - there were places I could go, people I could go and see... well, there used to be. A*s took time, they took social life out of the equation. They seriously fucked with you when your parents were yelling at you to actually do some work... when you'd been sitting at home for the best part of two years actually doing said work.

I turned left out of the driveway and wandered towards the park, sure that I could go and sit on the swings and consider where I'd be going next, who I could still go and see, go and talk to.

It wasn't as though I didn't have friends though - I had people I talked to in school, but hell, they weren't going to be here, were they? I lived in the middle of nowhere, just another reason for my lack of social-skills-and-things-to-do.

Ten minutes after I'd started, I found myself standing at the edge of the playground, reminiscing about times I'd sat alone, as usual, looking at the trees and just swinging. Three guys were sitting, smoking on the brightly-coloured roundabout in the corner, and I glanced over, recognising one of them as being in my classes at school. He smiled at me and waved, I blushed and made a jerky movement with my hand as a response.

Feeling like an idiot, but knowing it was time for a change, I turned away from the swings and stepped over to them.

"Hi." I blurted, feeling the heat rising in my face.

The End

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