Setting Myself Free

An A* student that wants a live change.

I give up.

I'm fed up. I fed of this life. I'm fed up working. I'm fed up of keeping the real me inside of me. I help people. It's what I do. I tell people what they want to hear. I give the teachers the marks they want me to achieve. What's the use of getting all these A*s if it doesn't make me happy? I want to be selfish for once, have a taste of the good life but I don't think I can. Can I really step into a different life, just like that?

The summer holidays never did do it for me. Just another time when I had nothing to do. I got fed up of reading books a long time ago because I read most of our school library. Most of the holidays I lie on my back on my bed, my head falling off the bed and looking at the ceiling and the floor at the same time.

I really should get a non-academic hobby. I've tried kayaking, horse riding and hiking. None of them suit me. Nothing suits me apart from school. I try too hard. I need to get a life. Meet some new friends. Friends that don't know me this way.

"Yeah," I said to myself. "Yes, I will. I'm going out."

The End

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