A winters morning in the 18th century William Mastrano life slips away before him and is left with his immortal child. Years follow and the child grows but not a day over 18. Together they must move knowing that someone will figure out that they have not age. William carry's his beloved wife death with him and blames his child for the lost of his darling wife. The child struggles, never keeping friends and keeping dark secrets.


Slowly as if by magic the darkness vanished, leaving behind the soft glow of the morning sun. The world was silent. The air crisp with the winter chill and gentle wind awaked the fallen snow on the ground making it swirls across the frozen ground. Animals crept from their cosy hide a-way in search of food to feed their young ones, weak and struggling to survive in harsh winter. 

He stood there taking in the beauty, clothed in nothing but the finest that money could buy. Gentlemen bowed when they saw him approach, ladies curtsy their gaze assessing him and he felt the respect flow off them. He started walk with confidence, the snow crunched under his shiny shoes, his black woollen coat kept the chill at bay and the black top hat firmly on top of his lushes long midnight hair. He hand warmed the golden lion head that was attached to the long cane, it was all for show of course and he knew it.

A house came into view, large stone built with huge glass windows and an impressive thick wooden door. He held the cold metal door knocker and let it drop back on the door then repeated again. Someone came to the door, unlocked it and carefully opened the door a crack.

“Good morning Sir.” The butler was old but held authority, his eyes weary but strong, he moved back allowing his master to escape to cold wind and bowed respectfully.

“Good morning Charles, where is my beloved wife?” His heart warmed thinking of his darling wife who he deeply loved.

“Sir she has become unwell over the night a fever of some sort.” Charles explained his voice steady. “We called for a doctor Sir he is waiting in the blue parlour room.”

The news of his wife shocked him making him lean on his cane slightly; she had not been herself after giving birth to their child and now she had fever. “Thank you Charles. Bring us refreshments.” He walked towards the blue parlour room wanting to bring back the feeling he had earlier that morning. The doctor stood at his presents, bowing his head. “Mr Mastrano, how are you Sir?”

Mr. Mastrano walked over to the doctor and shook his hand. “Anxious to hear of my wife, sit please.”

“Thank you sir.” The Doctor sat taking out a notebook. “I am afraid there is little I can do for you wife. Giving birth a few days ago seems to have affected her, she is not eating barely drinking and her fever is unlike any I have ever seen.”

“You must be able to do something.”

“Sir she is very weak, her body may not recover.” He stilled hearing the words but still couldn’t believe.

“No, they are medicines she will be well again and our child will have their mother.” He was determined to give his child everything and they needed his wife grace, kindness and love in their lives.

“It is likely your wife won’t see the morning.” The doctor was serious, he could see it in his eyes and he stood slowly.

“Charles will see you doctor, good day to you.” He said turning away.

“I am sorry sir.”

The room was lit by candles, the thick dark curtains closed and there on the huge four poster bed his wife lay in a white nightgown, surrounded by blankets keeping her cold body warm. He stood in the doorway, watching the maid Annabelle wipe away the sweat off his wife pale face and heard her struggle to breathe. How could his world be slipping away?

Annabelle looked up worried blue eyes. “Sir I’m so sorry.”

“How is she Annabelle?” His legs moved taking him inside looking closely at his beloved.

“She’s strong but she seems to be fading, her fever is hot yet she cold too and barely awake.” Annabelle stood allowing him to sit taking the bowl away to refill and got new cloth.

“Leave us, I can do that.” He said taking everything from her. “See to my child.”

“Of course Sir.”

He took care of his wife, talking about anything not that she responded her eyes closed and her breathing labored. Annabelle came to see them, giving his wife some medicine and asked if wanted anything which he declined wanting to be left alone.

“William.” A small voice crocked.

He moved to his wife side holding her hand and watched her eye lids flutter. “Elizabeth my darling.”

“Your…here with…me” He know how much effect it took her to speak to him, really he should have made her stop but yet he couldn’t.

“I’ll always be with you my darling.” He kissed her hand. A cry from the other room suddenly filled the air, Elizabeth smiled faintly.

“Our daughter… needs attention.”

“Just like her mother.”

“I…I need to seee…her.” Elizabeth gasped hissing in pain. “Please.”

Moments later Annabelle brought his daughter wrapped in blanket and fully awake. He held her carefully as she would break in his strong arms and sat on the bed. “Your daughter.”

“Our daughter.” Elizabeth weakly held her arms out. “Please.”

“I don’t think that would be wise my love.”

“I am strong enough for this.” William knew what she was doing now, using the last of her powers for this last moment. William was worried but placed their daughter in her waiting arms.

“My sweet baby girl.” Elizabeth held her close and whispered into her ear. The air changed around them William could feel it and saw what his wife was doing.

“Elizabeth what are doing? You’re not strong enough. Stop!” But it was unless William couldn’t stop his wife as she spoke in an ancient language and casted a spell on his daughter. “Elizabeth!”

Everything stopped.

“My darling what have you done?” William gasped and took his daughter from his wife limp arms. His daughter was quite looking at him almost waiting; he didn’t know what to do. She smiled and then her eyes drifted and she fell asleep. “Elizabeth?”

“Will.” Her voice was quite and weak, with his daughter asleep in his arms he moved closer to his wife and held her hand.

“I’m here my darling.”

“She will…live…yearssss…I saw it…I saw this…you.” Elizabeth eyes were falling and she was losing the battle.

“Shh my darling.” He whispered.

Her green eyes opened. “My po-wer…I…in…herrrr…y..yearss.”

Suddenly William knew what she had done and looked to his daughter. “You channelled your powers so she would live and not you? But I don’t understand. For years how?”


“No no no, she’s a baby no.”

“Ssshhe groo.” Her eyes closing and her heart slowing.

“Elizabeth…I always love you my darling.” Tears fell from William eyes. “Always.”


The End

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