Sestina: a Whisper

Finally wrote a Sestina! These are tricky.



Please, do not hear me softly

when I part across the quiet

and lean in close to whisper

how I desire to taste your flesh,

The salt of your warmth,

The salt of your love,


For when I speak of love -

Never, never softly -

As you hold on to me for warmth

while we walk in the quiet

night, I will imprint the word in to the flesh

beneath your ear, with a whisper...


Though it can be hard to whisper

when you do the little tricks I love,

Dragging your nails across my flesh,

Pulling on my lower lip, but stepping softly

as we do our best to stay quiet

while we retreat inside for warmth...


Wrapping our blankets around us, the warmth

of our form entwined in the whispering

sheets, displacing the quiet

with those little giggles I love

and smiling softly,

admiring our flesh,


We will revel in our animal rush, flesh

tingling when I bite your inner thigh, the warmth

enticing me as I explore your softly

moonlit body with the whisper

of skin on skin, testifying our love

to the cold quiet


With ragged breath, banishing the quiet

within our own flesh

and awakening our intrinsic love!

Later, in the glow of our warmth

and speaking in a bare-whisper

I would still lie listening to you breathing, softly...


For when I break through the quiet, and you feel my warmth

on the flesh behind your neck, when I whisper

that I love you, I do not mean it softly.

The End

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