We Can't Just Survive Anymore- We need to Live

More so, Shisa had been through a hard life. Sesome quickly learned about dog fighting through research. And after the first initial bite in the alleyway, Shisa had never bit him again.

Not even a growl, Sesome treated the dog's wounds and almost instantly the morning after that night the yellow-eyed dog showed no aggression. Even though he was obviously in pain he just laid there and allow Sesome to treat him. It took a few more months for Shisa to warm up to him, but that was enough for the twenty-year-old.

It took Sesome's focus off of himself, gave him more of a purpose to bring the dog back to health. At some point, Sesome started to call him Shisa and at some point, Shisa started to love Sesome at another.

At some point, Sesome hoped he will be able to take Shisa on walks in the daylight. To be able to sleep on the bed rather than in the closet with those yellow eyes looking at him.  

For now, Seso and Shisa are living.

The End

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