Guardian Disguised As A Demon

It growled and snarled, blood covering the snow that night. He looked terrifying, but Sesome had only been more drawn to the dog. If he had a car, he would have put the dog into the back and sped to a shelter. Sadly, it would not have been that easy. Instead, he left to a corner store, drawing out a few crumpled tens to buy ham and rope. He had never run so fast for something, lungs burning sharply in his chest. Not bothering to pull his hood up over his face when he had rushed to the counter to buy the materials. Not caring the strange look, not having time to be conscious of the shop owner looking at him strangely. Not caring to explain that it had happened in a car accident- not bothering to lie.

Sesome could not remember bolting out of the door, or the lights as he ran back to the dog. Rushing forward with the rope, not caring how the dog snapped and snarled if the dog had wanted he could have ripped his throat out. Instead, it had bit his right arm. But not in the deadly way that he could have, not ripping into him. Just scared and hurt. Sesome understood that, he understood that the dog would also die. So using ham and rope, he began to urge the dog to walk. Sesome had been too small to carry the heavy dog even in its' skeletal state. Somehow, they had managed to make it to his apartment. Somehow Sesome managed to save the dog. The dog bite had not even left a scar to add to the many Sesome bore.

Now Shisa, with large yellow eyes stares had him. Not caring that he sleeps during the day because he can't walk outside in the sunlight. Not caring that he counts every break in the linoleum, the shades, anything he can see for hours at a time because he couldn't keep it together. That he can't sleep in a bed, no matter how many times he tries he finds himself hiding in the closet just to sleep. Just to curl inside a tiny space too small for Shisa to fit with him.

The End

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