Serum Madness: Greenland

Once again, Mario took his wheel and Tony jumped out of the boat and began swimming to Greenland.

In the next day, Mario, Tony, and the two adventurers arrived at Greenland, again, they found 2 musketeers waiting for them as they arrived. The first musketeer acted as if he was hitting the two adventurers. While the 2nd musketeer was doing nothing at all. Mario and Tony gasped as they saw this, and they both ran from the ship to the hospital. This time, the hospital was a normal hospital. They went to the "Serum Room" and saw a doctor awaiting them, "So, where's the serum package?". At this moment, Mario and Tony knew that they had forgot that the serum package was whipped out and broken. The only way they could flee from this situation is, kill the doctor.

Mario grabbed the doctor's head steadily while Tony kept kicking the doctor's head. The doctor died at his seat without even a noise. Mario and Tony walked out of the room normally as if nothing happened. When they got out of the hospital, they saw a row of musketeers waiting for them with shotguns loaded and aimed. Mario and Tony had no escape, they just ran to their ship while having to dodge the bullets. Mario didn't survive. However, Tony did. He reached the ship surface and greeted the two adventurers, they took out their disguise and Tony saw two musketeers in his eyes. The first musketeer threw Tony out of the ship. The 2nd, unfortunately, shot Tony at his head.

They died.

The End

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