Serum Madness: The Musketeer

They continued to the "Serum Room" and found a doctor that was securely tied to a chair, he couldn't talk, there was duct tape on his mouth....

Mario quickly ran to the doctor and untied him, he took out his knife and cut out his duct tape. The doctor was a trick. Once this happened, 2 musketeers jumped out of a counter and surrounded Mario and Tony with shotguns aimed at their heads. Mario and Tony raised their hands. They fell to the ground, and the musketeers cuffed them. One musketeer was known for his torture, he grabbed a whip and started whipping Mario and Tony. They both panicked. "Isn't it obvious?" the doctor exclaimed "I mean, musketeers on every corner of the city".

It was about time something exciting happened, the doctor fell to the ground and died. The musketeers found out it is because of diptheria. The musketeer known for his torturing whipped the serum package out of Tony's grasp, it fell to the ground... broken.

The musketeers laughed. Unfortunately, the musketeers started dropping dead one after another. They heard a knock on the door. In a red hot moment, the door was opened. Two adventurers appeared and untied Tony and Mario, "Thanks", they both exclaimed. The two adventurers dragged Tony and Mario to their old Stormalong ship and said: "There is no time for Iceland; there's more urgent situations in Greenland"

The only one thing that Mario and Tony didn't know, is that the two adventurers were a trick. They were as well Greenlandish Musketeers disguised as normal citizens. They knew there was a nightmare awaiting them in Greenland.

The End

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