Serum Madness: The Two Lands

The first chapter of a new series called Serum Madness.

Tony was any 10 year old boy you could expect, he loved wrestling and played football. In school he would fight over playing football.

In a scary day with lightnings all over, Tony and his father Mario went on their ship called 'The Stormalong' to deliver a serum package that was urgently needed in Iceland to save people that were infested by the fast-spreading disease diptheria. It was time to go. Mario grabbed the wheel and began sprinting towards Iceland, always looking for adventures, Tony jumped out of the boat for no reason and began swimming towards Iceland, 'Aren't you an adventurer?!" said Mario to Tony, he didn't respond and just kept swimming.

At the next day they would have arrived at Iceland and found 2 musketeers waiting with them with loaded shotguns, the first musketeer shot Mario in the leg and he fell to the surface of the ship, the 2nd musketeer didn't see Tony so he patrolled for him, surprisingly, Tony was under the water and was waiting for the musketeer to reach the shore so he can drown him. By the time the musketeer reached the shore, a yell came out and Tony pulled the musketeer to drown him. The 2nd musketeer approached the shore, Tony did it again. This time it was Tony's turn, he quickly ran to the ship and checked if Mario had any injuries. Mario had several injuries in his leg. Tony tied the serum package, grabbed it and ran. Mario followed him. Tony was heading for the hospital to deliver the serum package, on the doorway of the hospital, they found another 2 musketeers. This time, Tony kicked the 1st musketeer and grabbed his shotgun and shot the 2nd musketeer. They both went inside the hospital with the two shotguns, the hospital didn't have any workers, it was so dull. However, they noticed a musketeer jumping out of the counter and punched Tony. Mario took action this time, he shot the musketeer in the head. They continued to the "Serum Room" and found a doctor that was securely tied to a chair, he couldn't talk, there was duct tape on his mouth....

(To be continued in the next chapter)

The End

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