Marry me

To fully understand the situation I'm going to take you back once again.

We we're high school sweet hearts. He moved to town senior year with his father from California. He was so cute and funny, he could always make me laugh, and was constantly surprised about the things I hadn't experienced.

He was going to show me the world he promised.

My best friend Megan was jealous , we had spent every moment together before him, plotting our ticket out of town, dreaming of the fabulous life of being  rock stars.

But I was in love, and she didn't understand.

I guess I betrayed her in a way, I traded out our dreams of grandeur for dreams of a house and children who looked like him.

He had a plan, after graduation he was going to join the United States Air Force.

We would travel all over the world, possibly England.  I'd always dreamed of traveling to Europe.

My mom hated him.

My dad loved him.

I was going to marry him.

My brother John was 6 years older and had dropped out of school when he got his girlfriend pregnant, right after he got community service for breaking and entering.

It wasn't surprising, John wasn't a punk, or a bad ass, but the only thing to do in this town was drink,  have sex, and get into trouble.

He got a job, cleaned up his act, and moved in with his girl.

My sister Rebbecca was 3 years older and had gotten married right after highschool.

I didn't approve and she didn't care, now I know why.

This is why when I told my mom I was getting married she freaked out.

Who was going to keep her company when I left? she would only have my little brother and my dad. So typical of my mom to think of how she felt rather then what was going to make her daughter happy.





The End

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