Seriously My Mess - 26. AgreeanceMature

Having poured himself a brandy David sat next to James his manner so light and breezy it disturbed even James.
The others were wilting under the weight, a normal reaction though they'd left that realm long ago.
"My wife is sedated 'under the weather' at the moment Im sure she will come right eventually," David took a sip savouring.
James nodded his approval "My lovely wife to has come down with some strange ailment and can't leave her bed, Im sure it will pass eventually."

Where their wives had early that morning sat they, brandy in right hand cigar in left, in agreeance about a strange illness likely to pass eventually.
They made their way to the chamber, shedding the tailored suits and donning the clerical robes.
"Come" The bedraggled deform entered and started lighting wall sconces and table candles.
Gracefully he moved placing bowls filling with shiny viscous and muttering an incantation.

Seating each one with a bow, no eye contact not a word just knowing who to seat where.
So James wasn't worried about not being seated with David who was flanked by Michael and Charles.
While he sat next to Willard who's fear was starting to wet his skin beneath his ruby robe.
Matthew and John were seated on the third side watching Willard and his candle flame still and erect.

The End

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