Seriously My Mess - 25. WarnMature

They met in the dayroom of The Ministry Building the seven were a mix, of calm reserve to agitated fear.
James sat cigar in one hand brandy in other, observing the six men in their tailored attire.
One would not guess that thirteen years previous these six were blue collar men entering retirement.
They were younger healthier, most certainly more cultured and wealthy, James could not repress a wistful smile, nor keep the hunger from his eyes.

"Has anyone heard from Jeffery?" James' voice shattered the nervous lull causing a couple of men to jump.
A unanimous shake of heads waved around the room James smiled at this amusing sight.
"Tell me how are your wives at this moment and more importantly where?"
Uncomfortable shifts and coughs bumbled about no-one willing to speak first a faux guilt bubbled but the fear was genuine and seeping in.

"Men we don't have the luxury of time where are your wives, what do they know and how do you plan to deal with them?"
'The town folk have already been spooked by Jack's little playmate and our wallflower rising in the cemetary caused further alarm."
He surveyed faux faces of men trying to be brave failing quite well, he smiled at each in turn.
"We can't have people remembering that would not do, your wives mustn't be let to warn or enlighten."

The End

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