Seriously My Mess - 24. HavenMature

The road to Maya's home lined one side with Willow and Elder the other with Hazel and Birch all eerily lit at their roots.
Suddenly a Mighty Oak appeared in front of them strong imposing yet exuding a calm presence.
Maya smiled as the three released all tension upon sighting the 'Guardian' Maya released love.
Driving around the giant Maya's home was visible beneath a blanket of Ivy.

Parking beneath a Wisteria draped pergola gnarly yet wistfully entwined was joyous.
Their moods lightened with no evidence of having seen the spectre or strange symbols on Jo-al's covered bridge.
Following Maya to the house, Minx bounding like a pup the air alive with sprites dancing in her aura.
Sam looked to Jack to see if he noticed them he was smiling at Minx' free spirit naturally without question.

Giggling Maya remarked "they see her as one of their own, it is her freedom that joins them."
Feeling herself bubble with joy at sharing this with Maya Sam said "Yes that is quite apparent, how wonderful!"
Jack looked confused Maya and Sam sent love so he could relax a little, then explained what was going on.
"Oh okay, that's odd," He stammered "why can't I see them," Maya answered "You could if you wanted to."

The End

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