Seriously My Mess - 23. GlimpseMature

Through leafy glade they traipsed, fall dusk air, fresh and cool, night shy but certain.
With last light their environ sighed then breathed freely, Sam and Jack relaxed.
She was aware of the other realm but seeing them in human form gave her the heebee jeebees.
Frowning as she recognised where they were, Jo-al's beautiful bridge.

"What are we meant to do?" Sam asked the other two, "is there something special here?"
Minx looked at Jack and Sam before slinking over to the side pillars and running her hands over the finely carved design.
Sam wished it was daylight she could barely make out the ceiling, it's many beams casting ominous shadows.
Jack followed her eye in awe he stood staring at the star and foreign script "wow" he exhaled.

Just then the shadows started sliding Sam glimpsed some of the detail Jack had seen before it disappeared in headlight shine and shade.
The driver stopped and got out the silhouette female that eased some tension in the group.
"Evening guys fancy seeing you out here at this time of light," Maya's smile was in her voice.
"Jo-al was a master though young I've photo's of his earlier work would you like to see?"

The End

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