Seriously My Mess - 22. MomentumMature

Leaving the town square with thoughts untethered, breaching a lifetime of safeguards.
In a sombre haze with vapid stride moving forward not seeing where or knowing why.
Jack heard their steps saw Minx and Sam heads low in thought, he followed.
Sam couldn't look up not meaning to be rude, just not wanting to freak right out!

Minx' energy was a strong sweet ambience enveloping the three of them.
She was unafraid taking in every emotion, this is why she had come to Hallow Springs.
A rock Jack followed seemingly oblivious, Sam could see it and feel it she was uneasy.
Becoming aware of Minx' vibrance, lucidity fell in whispers upon the rock then he could see.

The low suns dappled light through turning leaves created a surreal scene.
Which in rippled an impossible vista true and yet intangible, inconceivable.
Jo-al but how Jack's tortured brow accented the turmoil brewing deep within.
His step faltered but he kept on unable to resist the strange momentum that carried them.

The End

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