Seriously My Mess - 21. SacrificeMature

Elisa's eyes were slow to open yet her mind was a maelstrom of panic.
Peering through heavy lids, seeing various shades of grey, dancing it seemed.
Her mind foggy not fighting the visual input she lay watching the phantoms.
She went to speak her mouth bound, numb with throat dry a groan escaped.

"Elisa do you remember how our love saved us from near poverty, bringing us here."
James leaned over his wife, she could see a deep hunger dark in his eyes making her flinch.
"We made it my love and Hallow Springs produced opportunity beyond our dreams."
He gently ran a hand down her cheek, his touch so cold chills prickled her skin.

Fear held her heart, unable to move her leaden form, she simply watched and listened.
"I'm not the same man, I am more I am all and no-one knows what I've sacrificed."
Lost in thought he whispered. "What I'm willing to give." Elisa whimpered, wetting.
Grey danced seductively around James he kissed her forehead the shadows kissed her naked form.

The End

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