Seriously My Mess - 20. LoveMature

As steel dusk encroached and bled she paced their day room wringing her hands.
After numerous e-speak and apprehension feminine resolve decided their action.
Elisa pacing the room as the past flashed backed, in spurts and spatters bloody.
Nodding her head at her ignorance, and denial, tears forming as the painful truth played.

Their men duplicitous behind a sparse web, her rose veil failing, knowledge breaching.
Mercury guilt scoured her veins crippling her at the knee to an involuntary genuflection.
Jo-al had passed on not simply left they had suspected as much, but ignored their heart and mind-scream.
The disappearance not coincidental but a part of this, this darkness, this terror to what end she couldn't guess.

James entered, seeing his wife he ran to her side kneeling he embraced her lovingly with worried heart.
"Love what is wrong?" his voice concerned, even shocked to see Elisa so, "Where do you hurt?"
He felt her body stiffen at his touch her essence cooling then burning him, and cutting him out, he flinched.
Stroking her faced he whispered "it will be alright my lovely, you'll see" his depth chilling.

The End

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