Seriously My Mess - 19. MenageMature

A zephyr of ancient essence drifted to Maya delicate yet urgent gifting knowledge.
Maya's shoulders felt small under the beast accepting she had no choice but was chosen.
She looked around at her patrons who dined oblivious to her strain and the vehemence that was at the bones of Hallow Springs.
The apparition moved out of Civilisation and over to the three Minx jumped Sam frowned and Jack wondered what had come over the girls.

"Look" said Sam with a nod of her head toward Maya in Civilisation "I felt her just then as that force passed by."
Sam thought Maya's look was grave and she guessed that big changes were afoot.
Minx nodded with Sam and at Maya as she stood taking in the disturbed atmosphere.
She turned to The Ministry Building and watched as the ladies unaccompanied but carrying fear left after comforting touch and nods of consent.

With purpose Elisa headed home heart racing mind churning stomach trying to fathom what their men were and were up to.
They were to prepare for the confrontation with their husbands, what, why, when and how, it should've been done years ago.
James and the other men stood watching as Cecilia took her last breathe, her face once a beautiful agony now void.
"Come" James said the bedraggled form came beating away the keening shadow it seemed stronger now "Sherman!" James commanded "she is gone forever."

The End

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