Seriously My Mess - 18. BridgeMature

In Civilisation Maya grinned watching Sam Minx and Jack frolic by the pond, with such freedom.
An odd yet complimentary mix she thought He a rock Minx like water and Sam sunlight.
She saw their collective mood change and noticed they were watching elder Jeffery and his wife Sally.
The darkness around the couple made Maya gasp the red dancing around Jeffery left her weak.

Maya sat to catch her breathe Jeffery was about to die by means too horrid and beyond natural.
Eyes still on the trio she saw Sam's energy brighten through Jack then Minx aiding Jack, suspending Sam in mid air.
Astounded at the power of the girls and the resilience of Jack, Maya understood why she was here.
Ten years ago she had been drawn to this place she had lived here for the last seven.

Her first visit was as a stall holder with the Gypsies she came selling her organic honey and beeswax products.
The towns people were friendly and happily showed the travelling folk their greatest hospitality.
Jo-al was so smitten he stayed behind lending his wood turning skills to the bridge restorers for the lone bridge in Hallow Springs.
When she returned for a visit a year later Jo-al had moved on the bridge remarkable a true legacy for the young talent.

The End

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