Seriously My Mess - 17. MonoMature

Sam sustained five metres above her body watched Minx comfort Jack no words needed.
Concern in her very touch she was not giving but releasing energy from him.
Everything was in monochrome, making the town look quite bizarre.
The Ministry Building chilled having the same washed out look, yet colour swirled about it like droplets of blood in water.

Her body shivered she lost buoyancy and started falling fast she habitually held her breathe and the foetal position.
Falling into the ground only her simple thought 'What? Yeah right!' stopped her from sinking deeper.
She felt warmth run to her as she was half in half out she welcomed it it was Jack.
Pulling herself into her form found her mourning the loss of freedom cringing at the sensory experience.

Readjusting to the physical wasn't easy Jack's warmth kept reaching for her searching.
Tentatively she brushed his essence she felt him relax and she did to.
"What happened?" Jack concerned held her closely gently Minx still touching him keeping him safe from her.
"I'm not sure I made you sick then Minx held me away 'til you were okay" she squirmed a little to fit her skin "are you okay Jack?"

The End

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