Seriously My Mess - 16. MeldMature

In their wake Jeffery and Sally left Sam Jack and Minx bewildered on the grass next to the pond, the fear and chill left with them.
"Umm what do you think that was about?" Sam looked at Jack for an answer then to Minx "do you think it is happening again?"
Jack watched Sam struggle with thought, feeling and felt her energy vanquishing the demons of the elder's resonance' most efficient he thought.
"Hey Jack, did you hear me?" she placed a hand on his sending light warmth loving, "Jack"

He felt her essence radiate through him it was like every cell of his being recognised her or the essence of her.
His eyes tried to focus on her voice, he was consumed by her energy, did she know she did this, he was suddenly scared unable to do anything, out of action.
Sam felt him dissolve into her and enjoyed the mingling of their energies, she looked into his eyes seeing excitement, wonder, then fear painted his face.
She let go "Oh Jack I'm so sorry!" she pushed herself away, not trusting she wouldn't reach to help.

Minx was there taking Jack's hand she rested it at her breast letting her heartbeat resound through him effectively neutralising Sam's vibrance.
Huddled Sam watched felt Minx soothe Jack his breathing slowed and evened out, he focused on Minx sighing he touched her face in appreciation.
Turning Minx placed a hand on Sam's forehead 'You are strong, you must learn' Sam heard/saw in her mind it was Minx but not female/male just Minx.
Sam's spirit was lifted from her and she sat ten metres in the air, Minx let go plummeting Sam panicked then decided to stop, I will learn.

The End

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