Seriously My Mess - 15. RespiteMature

Leaving 'Civilisation Net Cafe' in Minx' wake, the still fresh morning caressed, exciting tired skin.
Sammy joined them, without asking or being asked, she was like Minx in that way, just did what she felt.
Jack smiled with fondness warmth Sammy turned returning the smile and warmth her vibrant green eyes glistening innocence.
He felt pure joy reach him through those eyes and at once he was sure of absolutely nothing at all.

Minx came bounding back to him taking his head in hand kissing him gently lovingly, before bouncing off again.
Laughing he could rely on Minx to keep him present focused and free from worries he wished he was so useful.
They sat on the grassy edge of the pond that dominated town square, watching golden ghosts drift beneath murky waters and lily pads.
Duck coasted over gracefully expectant disappointed they looked down their noses, turned their backs and left.

Cherishing the day feeling light and love they basked in her radiance, just as a chill sheered through their indulgence.
Suddenly erect and looking around for the cause of this rift, they saw elder Jeffery and his wife Sally throwing bags into their car, looking spooked.
It was coming from them it was fear urgent and absolute it was Jeffery's Sally was fed by his fear, I moved closer to Jack and Minx came and huddled down to.
They were oblivious to their audience he watched The Ministry Building and she watched him as they readied to take flight.

The End

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