Seriously My Mess - 14. DawnMature

James walked in on the scene with his wife and Cecilia "James help I don't know what's wrong, she just suddenly..."
The other ladies sat stupefied by the wretched scene, "Let me take Cecilia love, Sherman is waiting with help."
Elisa couldn't make sense of what he was saying, how, why, what, she was just relieved to have James take care of it, he's such a good strong man.
"Take a seat love I'll have a fresh pot of tea sent in, you must all be in terrible shock a burst appendix is such an agonising experience, and to witness it isn't pretty."

Had the Ladies had sense of mind they may have noticed James' beaded brow or the haunted look in his eyes.
But they were shaken and James was quick, at the door he hefted Cecilia carrying her as if across the threshold.
They hadn't expected this to happen it never had before, he hoped the ladies were scared senseless enough to accept his explanation.
He hurried to the lift at the end of the hall, Cecilia was calming, below her breasts bloomed a bloody rose she would see Sherman soon.

Clemence picked up her embroidery hands shaking, it was a security blanket for her as she tried to find some order.
Elisa still breathless took up her glass of water spilling as it came to her lips, how did Sherman know he wasn't here.
Jane reached into her silken clutch taking out a silver flask and taking a hit a drop ran down, her tongue quick captured, she passed it to Elisa.
They all sat inside their minds, watching their suspicions come to fruition sharing an understanding, their men were monsters in faint exasperation "Jo-al" whispered, deafened.

The End

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