Seriously My Mess - 13. PrideMature

Freshness filled the dayroom light and airy as they sat sipping tea, discussing upstanding men in the community and the Spring Festival just around the corner.
Beautiful intricacies fell from aged hands, cucumber crisp and strawberry jam thick shared the air in harmony.
There was love in the room of life lived well with faith and goodness, these were proud women proud wives, mothers, children.
The door opened so swiftly startling the ladies and bursting their social bubble beyond repair, a disheveled Jeffery stood, haunted.

Looking to his wife he pleaded "we must go, now, please" unable to catch his breathe, his voice on the edge.
"Jeffery?" his wife concerned put down the needlework and went to him, "you're burning up, what has happened?"
"We must go my love, I'm not well" his legs ached from flight mode his body saturated in sweat, he wobbled.
Sally caught him having fetched her things "Okay sweetest let's go it will all be well soon" she supported her husband shocked by his weakness.

"Goodbye ladies, thank you for tea" Sally helped Jeffery leave the room, silence settled and they looked at one another blankly confused.
Fear crept into the room finding Cecilia, she shivered then dropped her lacework as pain gripped her and twisted her intestines.
The others shrieked to their feet as Cecilia howled in agony, Elisa ran to her aid taking Cecilia's hand to comfort it was wet, sticky, red.
"Oh God!" cried Elisa "Cecilia, I can't, I don't know, what?" tears were blurring Elisa's vision Cecilia paling gurgled.

The End

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