Seriously My Mess - 10. MergerMature

They invited themselves to share her table Sammy didn't mind.
She was quite happy to have the company, though the silence was nearly awkward.
Jack broke it, "I saw the elders watching you earlier, they seemed scared. Why do you think?"
Sam cleared her throat, "Im not certain could be that I woke up in the cemetery, maybe?"

Jack stared unconvinced, "there were some strong feelings could you feel it?"
Sam confirmed "yes I felt them, they're not happy with me is all I know" what else could be said.
"Do they know, you know?" Jack asked matter of fact-ly.
"Im not sure, how they could..." Sam said shifting in her seat, concern tainting her calm demeanor.

"How do you know Jack?" Sammy wished she'd stopped herself, but it was too late.
He sat looking at Sammy she seemed so innocent and naive, she was quite fearless.
"I like to watch people" Jack's seriousness certain then morphed on his face to a smile.
His energy embraced her and hers spun itself in it, Minx' danced around wafting in and out.

The End

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