Seriously My Mess - 9. ThreeMature

"Hello" Jack said first. "How are you this morning?" His eyes smile broadening.
She drew her hands in at that but replied, "I'm good thank you Jack how are you two?"
Minx sauntering over ran her fingers over Sammy's arm, shoulder then picked up her hand.
She showed the hand to Jack "Rat bite?" his eyes concerned now and darker. "How?"

"I was sleeping and woke with it biting into my hand." Sammy replied feeling her cheeks colour.
" I bashed it against the headstone to get it off." Jack's face rippled with confusion.
"You slept in the cemetery?" he paused "Why?" grim puzzlement on his face.
Sammy was feeling bad for Jack he looked pained. "I was tired and I fell asleep" she said.

Sammy noticed Jacks mood change. " So you were in his territory" You're lucky to be here.
Jack smiled held out his hand to Sammy, "Nice to meet you Sammy" she took his hand it was cool smooth and a firm gentle shake.
"It's good to meet you Jack and Minx" Sammy smiled she felt deeply happy right now.
Minx sat next to her and cuddled close, she smelt like the forest Sammy thought, nice.

The End

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