Seriously My Mess - 8. MetMature

It felt good to be out in the sun Minx' stride was long making the walk brisk, fresh.
The cemetery was coming into view, it seemed all the folk were in the square this morning.
The Civilisation cafe was being scrutinised by the elders, standing outside the saloon.
Jack pictured them in gunslinger gear, then he felt the pure hate emanating from the men.

Curious as to the object of such hate, he crossed the road Minx followed in bounds.
Pushing through the door to Civilisation he felt immediately at ease and then familiarity.
Looking out the window he saw the men leave their post and the girl her scent telling.
Was it her they were focussing on, did they know she knew but how she was below the radar.

"Morning Jack, what can I get you love?" Maya's warmth true her smile embraced Minx.
"Who is this fine beauty with you Jack?" Jack smiled "This beauty is Minx, Maya"
Sammy's barrier was breached by the words Jack and Minx, they were here she felt them.
Turning in her seat Sammy's eyes met Jack's deepest blue gems shining bright, smiling.

The End

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