Seriously My Mess - 7. FearMature

He lay on his back as she cleaned him with her mouth arousing herself again, so wild.
Running his fingers through her silky hair he knew she was it, she had come and found him.
"We will go out soon see who remembers you, it was quite an impression you made" he smiled.
Her grey eyes glistened up at him playful and dangerous yes she was the one he laughed.

Having left her many moons ago and many miles away he never dreamed he'd see her again.
Yet here she was, loving him creating and sating his desire, giving all that she was and is.
Sucking one last time on each of his nipples then gently kissing, licking his lips she got up.
Stretching her slender form the light effectively composing a living work of art.

Watching as she went to the corner turned on the shower and lathered herself.
Her perfect form couldn't keep 'that song' out of his mind or the meaning it held for this town.
She was new, as was Jo-al many many moons ago and what happened to him.
Jack lifted his face to Minx she caught the fear in his eyes felt the depth in her bones.

The End

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