Seriously My Mess - 6. NeedMature

In the subdued light, he admired her curved feline figure sensual and arousing even in rest.
Watching her lovely breasts rise and fall so innocent so peaceful, but she was a wild cat.
He smiled thinking of the stir she had caused in choosing that one song, she couldn't have known.
She had stirred a hornets nest and they'd need to be careful to avoid the poison darts.

Jack was use to the small minds and life of this town it was why he stayed here.
Everyone thinking they knew everyone, having very secret private lives and perfect public ones.
If ever there was a Stepford this was it, Jack thought, though there were real people here to.
It was those few that kept the town sane and functioning, the air tingled excitedly.

Minx stirred turning into the duvet making it conform and dance with her, she groaned.
Eyes smiling open she stared straight at Jack like he was breakfast lust was a blanket.
"Good Morning dear one" Jack said "hungry?" He didn't wait for her answer, she wouldn't.
Getting up he went to her, to quench her hunger and feed his ever growing desire.

The End

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