Seriously My Mess - 5. MayaMature

Reorienting herself with her surrounds she remembers, Jack knows she knows.
The cemetery a perfect backdrop for the fear that races turning her empty stomach.
Steadying after the nausea, she feels eyes upon her, confusion drifts over.
Huh the people can see her now she's in a cemetery unsuccessfully vomiting.

She made show of straightening her tangerine paisley dress and her chin short straight grey-blonde hair.
Then standing tall she walks out of the graveyard looking each in the eye, there's so many people.
Her stride certain yet relaxed, chills reach her dark and dangerous from beyond the crowd.
Ducking into 'Civilisation Net Cafe' she turns to scan the town square and it's people.

Dispersing now their inconspicuous one was safely away and not blooming in the cemetery.
She waited watching feeling the hatred reach her in here oh so cliche the old guys, the important ones.
"Hi Sam hunny what can I get you?" Heart on the floor from that interjection she pales then colours looking up at beautiful Maya radiating warmth.
"Apple juice egg on toast and grilled tomato please" "The usual then" Maya smiles walking away.

The End

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