Seriously My Mess - 4. ThingMature

The darkness seemed lighter the air thinner and cooler at Minx and Jack's exit.
Inhaling deep the nights new freshness she stumbles suddenly light headed.
Falling she catches herself on a headstone scrapping her palms and wrists.
She slides to sit on the grave, now missing the demented shadows, always alone.

A chill travels her spine, Jack is coming darker and bigger, beautiful and naked.
Words catch in her throat mind incoherent, he kneels stroking her face so warm and gentle.
His lips so soft how strange, his taste metallic how odd, she meets his eyes liquid silver.
She gasps he smiles in a hideous way chills, Minx starts licking her hand and then bites hard.

Pain sharp rouses her she looks at her hand trying to make sense of the thing rat, dog.
It sees her and growls with its teeth still deep she pulls away it hangs on agonising.
She slams her hand and the thing attached against the headstone it squeals as she yelps.
Dropping to the ground it turns and snarls at her, before retreating into the cemetery copse.

The End

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