Seriously My Mess - 3. KnowMature

Pushing through the shadows, they nip at her skin, taunting with the rhythm.
The whispers on her neck saying "we know, we know and so does Jack"
She continues as the shadows weave impeding her every step, she smiles.
Raising her hand side to side distorting the alien visage, making to kiss, "so do I"

Nearing the cemetery she hears passion rough and raw its sound runs through her.
Invisible to the eye the nose picks them out, Minx and Jack hot and hard.
Her cheeks warm as her mind creates the scene, so hoping she isn't too close.
A stone betrays her passage, Jack howls as Minx rides him home. "so you know"

His voice exciting her essence, with lust and terror, she flows. "yes I know"
Minx slinks over breathes in the scent from her hair, rubbing against her arm.
Purring Minx bites her earlobe then licks sucks the excited sweat from her neck.
Jack gently takes Minx' arm she turns to kiss him deep and hungry, they leave.

The End

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