Seriously My Mess - 2. StumMature

From the darker dim he emerges, hulking formidable.
Approaching Minx, she attaches herself to the sizeable beast.
He then turns taking in each stare dissolving wrath and action.
Turning his back with Minx close and loving, they leave.

A collective count to ten as the door swings closed and the room becomes a murmur.
Who was that girl? Why that song? Does Jack know? What shall we do?
These are the thoughts that ran through the heads of the majority present.
Though not a single word was whispered about such happenings.

A young woman leaves the room amidst the living denial draping across the space.
No-one noticed her leave, a nondescript personage, the local wallflower.
The night moonless thick and warm envelopes her, still she looks into the darkness.
Feeling nothing, seeing shadows as they were morphing, dancing to that song.

The End

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