Seriously My Mess - 1. MinxMature

A small town.
Of small lives and minds.
With deep secrets big and small.

The room lit for feline sight, she slinks around, rubbing up against the patrons, all regulars.
Some flattered some scared, for she is new here.
New can be dangerous, these folk knew that all too well.
Eyes meet heads lower remembering Jo-al and the 'events' surrounding him and the disappearance.

Ignoring the change of temperature in the place, she glides over to the jukebox.
Pawing through the collection of vinyls amusement on her face in her stance.
Chatter starts up an ease returns people shuffle and re-adjust their awkwardness.
She finds a tune she cant pass-up she has never been able to.

Running her hand over the smooth cool surface of the machine, she inserts her coin.
Pressing her lithe body against the machine she fingers the buttons she needs.
Her midnight tresses caress her buttocks as she tilts her head back with giggling moans.
The melody drifts out and turns the room cold, every eye upon her and each one a dagger.

The End

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