The story of Caroline Madison.
This is her life I guess, funny facts and advice she would give herself if she could at different times while she deals with emotional issues, death and depression, and the trials of marriage and motherhood while trying to find herself.

There is always one epic moment that starts off a really great story. One "Ah ha" moment where the object of the story is on the brink of something amazing or terrifying. If you lean too far one way, it could all spell curtains.

I have to say that I have more then the normal share of "Ah ha." moments. If I wasn't poised on the edge of something amazing/horrifying all the time I'd have to say that life would be pretty boring.  But if I could go back and give myself a few words of advice I would probably yell, "Step away from the edge you big dum-dum!"(That is actually a word I looked it up in the dictionary.)


My name is Caroline Madison, this is my story..



I grew up in a very small town in east Texas, for privacy purposes we will name this town "No where."  I was "raised"  with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters ,by my dysfunctional mother and father, at the end of a 10 mile dirt road in the middle of the I'm not kidding, we're talking red necks and shot gun your cousin... This place was so small it could have been a third world country for rednecks, granted instead of being over run with starving children( although I'm sure there were a few of those) everyone had bleach blond grandmothers smoking cigarettes and watching soaps, and instead of malaria we had mullets. But the resemblance is still there.

So in a world where Applebee's  was sophisticated (and also an hour away) and fashionable was not having oil stains on your sunday clothes, you could say I was a little bit of a misfit. 

My parents moved to this mullet infested  town before  I was born, my father was a little...unusual...some people have dreams of grandeur.. well my father had dreams of death and the end of the world...It was just the luck of the draw I guess.

So he took us to the smallest little corner of the world he could find, some place where we'd be the last to be killed off or maimed when the end came..which I'm still waiting for by the way. Damn those Fanatic's and all that jazz...But while my dad was stocking up on pork n beans and water, my mom was busy hating us and wishing she'd married some one saner...and some one with a little more money while your at it.

I'm unsure how I didn't become completely mental growing up in No Where Texas,  as far back as I can remember, I always knew the difference between my life, and the real world. Blame it on television if you will, because I should be sitting in a trailer some where breast feeding a 5 year old while watching Jerry Springer.

Instead I'm in the middle of a blizzard (not the kind from dairy queen), in the back of an ambulance, trying not t0 hyperventilate while some dum-dum tells me not to push.

Ya think?

This isn't my first baby, its my second, however this is my first snow storm, and its one of my many "Ah ha" Moments.



The End

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