Elizabeth Barb


The morning was bright as they landed in a large wooded area just before the city. The red light shone brilliantly against the clear windows of London’s sky scrapers. It seemed that the very buildings themselves had risen from the molten hot ground like huge black stalagmites. ‘In my time here, I have often wondered why the almighty created them. Humanity is such a bizarre race.’ Said Isaiah looking over the city.

  ‘How so brother?’ asked Raphael crouched down next to him.

  ‘They are given all they could want, a planet to live on. Rules to live by and a god to believe in. And yet...’ Isaiah stopped.

  ‘What brother?’ Raphael asked leaning in.

  ‘They still want...more. And they are so busy asking for something they want, they are not being thankful for what they have been given.’

  ‘If that is what God wanted them to become then that is his will, who are we to judge.’ Ariel said from behind them.

  ‘But what if this isn’t the lords will?’ said Isaiah turning and looking at Ariel. His siblings all stared at him with hard expressions.

  ‘Everything is God’s will Isaiah.’ Tien said quickly.

  ‘Never dispute the will of the almighty.’ Said Malak hotly.

  ‘I am not disputing anything brother,’

  ‘Are you sure about that?’ he interrupted.

  ‘Are you questioning my loyalty brother Malak?’ said Isaiah standing up and walking towards his sibling. They stood inches apart; Isaiah looked up at his older brother. Malak said nothing. ‘Good.’

          ‘You have each been given a city to travel to.’ Said Isaiah moving away from his brother. ‘Go there and fulfil your mission. Take as much time as is needed. And keep in touch by the light in your minds.’ He commanded confidently.

  ‘Yes brother.’ They all parroted. One by one they lifted into the air and began to shine brightly. Six loud booms echoed through the park as each of them fired straight up into the morning sky. Isaiah watched as the six white dots turned and flew in six different directions. The light they emitted left two thin tails in their wake. Isaiah inhaled deeply and held his breath; he closed his eyes and lifted his head towards the sky. Concentrating hard, he felt the environment around him; birds, squirrels, insects, moles, the further he expanded his mind the more creatures he could feel. But the light from his siblings extinguished them all completely. It filled every space of his mind as he saw each of them fly in different directions. His mind snapped back into his skull and he staggered and coughed loudly at the sudden shock. Full of determination he jumped into the air and flew towards London. Let his will be done.

          Heavy droplets of rain hit Isaiah as he stood on the rooftop of a large sky scraper. It had been nearly two weeks since he and his siblings had separated and they had all found a human to protect. But Isaiah had been having trouble finding a person who was in spiritual need. Many people in this city were in need, but none he could find in pious need. So is this how bad it is on this planet. He thought to himself. People in need do not turn to the almighty anymore. Is Gods faith taken so likely in this place? The sun was setting on his eighth day when he jumped from the building into a dark alley. Concrete that he landed on cracked and splintered, sending small gray particles into the air around him. In a silent roar Isaiah doubled over and pulled his wings into his back, the bones cracked and snapped but eventually he was left with completely flat and smooth skin. Taking the hooded jumper he had taken from a stall in a market, he pulled it over his head and walked through the streets of London. Mingling effortlessly with its people as he went. The wet made the pavement he walked on shine and glisten while the roaring traffic of the road tossed muddy water into the air as they ran through deep puddles.

          Many humans walked by carrying shopping bags and yelling into phones but hardly any of them even gave Isaiah a second glance. The sun sunk lower and lower and further and further Isaiah walked through the streets of London. Keeping his mind open to the people around him at all times, to find the person who needed him most. A window display caught his eye and he stopped and looked into it. It was filled with large television screens all showing the same thing. The scarlet hair of the news reporter stood out most with the deep blue background. She was sat behind a large circular desk with a small stack of papers in front of her. She looked up from the papers to the camera and began to talk. ‘Almost a week ago several strange objects appeared flying over Europe. The footage you are about to see was filmed in Alessandria in Italy by an amateur camera man.’ She said looking down onto a small computer screen in her desk. The video cut to a grainy and bumpy recording of five Italian men stood outside a night club with drinks in their hands and all of them smiling and laughing.

          Each of the men suddenly looked confused and looked up at the sky jabbering in Italian. The camera raised and seven white pin pricks were just definable from the video. A voice of the camera spoke louder than the others just as a deafening rumble overcame the picture. The lights suddenly streaked over the buildings and the camera wheeled around and just saw the lights became nothing more but pin pricks again. ‘As you can see this is a very interesting phenomenon,’ continued the reporter. ‘We have brought in an expert in comets and meteorites Doctor David Hillman.’ She turned to an old wrinkled human with gray hair wearing a pressed blue suit and tie. ‘Doctor thank you for joining us, have you ever seen anything like this before?’

  ‘There are visual references of a streak of comets hitting the surface of Jupiter back in two thousand seven. But I have never seen anything like this.’ Said the old man pressing his hands together.

  ‘So you do believe these to be comets of some kind?’

  ‘Yes I do, they were going at least mach two which is faster than any comet ever recorded.  I think they could have entered our atmosphere and simply disintegrated into dust before they had a chance to impact.’ He explained.

          ‘Thank you doctor,’ the host turned from the old doctor and looked back into the camera. ‘A tragic day for the young child actor Elizabeth Barb, her parents were killed as a result of a horrific car crash in the early hours of yesterday morning. We go now to Graham Copper who is at the hospital where the actress’s parents were taken.’ The video cut to a young man in a rain coat stood beside a well lit hospital in a dark alley.

  ‘Tragic nights here at St Bartholomew’s hospital as Elizabeth’s parents, Jacob and Emily Barb, were brought here by air ambulance from the country road that they crashed on. A drunk driver who was behind the wheel of a lorry carrying a shipment of cargo from Somerset swerved onto the road and smashed into the front of their car. They were brought here and for two days fought bravely to cling onto life. But last night the couple died aged forty three and forty one. Our thoughts and prayers go to Elizabeth and we hope the man behind the hit and run is found quickly.’

          ‘The seventeen year old woman is said to be in a “state of bereavement”,’ the presenter said returning onto screen. ‘She has refused to give any reports and at the present time and is barricaded in her house. As many of you will know she always wore a gold cross around her neck, but as this picture shows she has taken it off.’ A picture appeared in the top right of the screen. A young girl with mucky blonde hair was walking down a set of steps surrounded by twelve men with cameras. ‘We wish her to know that the nation’s thoughts are with her.’ A small piece snapped in Isaiah’s head. I found my girl. He said to himself as he continued to walk down the street. Wind whistled past him as he closed his eyes slowly and stretched his mind outwards. The light in every person was unique and he hoped by finding this ‘Elizabeth’s’ spark he could locate her in the city. Isaiah strained looking into the most distant of sparks for any thoughts that might be Elizabeth’s. A metal ringing hummed in his ears as he collided with a large black lamppost.

          He realised to have the best chance of finding her he would need to find a place to sit down. The road he was walking beside suddenly joined with others cars and huge long red buses screamed past. The noise was frantic, seven streets formed into one hive of traffic. He looked up at a large black street sign and found himself on the corner of Regent Street. A large circular fountain with a statue of an angel on its top caught his eye across the street. He sprinted across the road dodging the traffic, the neon lights from a large curved advertisement board glinted off the shiny metal of the cars. Giving them a surreal but beautiful glow. The fountain was surrounded by ten steps that encircled the entire base. Isaiah sat down on the second step facing into the street. Placing his fingers against his temples Isaiah closed his eyes gently and reached out further than he ever had done before.

          He scanned high and low, through streets, alleyways and buildings trying to find this girl. From each light Isaiah could hear the human’s thoughts. A woman in an apartment block a mile away was wondering what time she should start working the following morning, a man in an alley down the road was regretting drinking so much, a mother of two was feeling relieved that her sick children had finally fallen asleep. Every night for three days he came back to same fountain and searched, until. ‘I’ll be back when I want to come back!’ one voice shouted louder than the others. Isaiah found a dimmer light than the others, it was frustrated that it was being ordered on what to do. His mind located the woman walking through a cramped and crowded part of the city; gradually her features seeped through the golden light. Isaiah felt himself inhale deeply in surprise as her face appeared from the radiating light. She had a slightly flat chin with a rounded jaw, her eyes were set under thin eyebrows and her short hair fell over most of her face. All that Isaiah could see clearly was her bow shaped lips. Slowly her clothes fell onto her body until Isaiah could see every fold in her leather coat.

          Her Knee high boots clacked onto the pavement beneath her as she walked. Another mind suddenly jumped into view, and this one had incredibly dark intentions. Isaiah jumped from the fountain and sprinted towards the two lights, not daring to open his eyes, he was concentrating far too hard. Left, right, another left. The sound of screeching tires echoed around him as he ran over roads. A sudden scream made him snap his eyes open. The street he was on was dark and dingy, it looked like a back alleyway for the clubs. Only one entrance to his right was open, the one to his left a large skip was blocking the exit completely. A muffled scream echoed through the allay way from his left. Two dark figures were just definable in the dark of the alley. One was being pinned to the wall while the other was wrestling against its arms and feet. ‘So before I take you, I’ll take you.’ Said a sick slimy voice. Another muffled yell covered the distinct sound of a zip.       

          Isaiah sprang towards the attacker and grabbed tightly on his shoulder. He heard several cracks as he squeezed and the man yelled loudly. The girl dropped to the ground coughing and wheezing. Isaiah pulled the man backwards and flung him into the opposite wall. Orange light from the street lamps briefly illuminated his face. A thick scraggily net of hair dropped down onto his shoulders. His eyes were surrounded by thick bags and his lips were dried, cracked and bleeding. Growling loudly the attacker lunged and swung at Isaiah. He ducked and grabbed the man’s collar and slammed him hard into the wall. A blinding flash of white light filled the alley and Isaiah felt the lather of his sword handle fall into his hand.

          He rocketed to his feet and turned the attacker to face him. A long canal of blood was trickling from his forehead into his eyes. Isaiah stabbed the man in the chest so far that his sword impaled him and pinned him to the brick wall. ‘Those who shed the blood of innocence,’ Isaiah said leaning in and whispering in his ear. ‘By innocence thy blood be shed.’ Isaiah pulled the sword from his chest and the man dropped to his knees and then fell forwards with a loud crack. Another flash of light and the weight in his hand disappeared. Isaiah breathed deeply as he watched the man’s spark dissolve into the darkness. A whimper in the gloom. He open his eyes and looked down on the floor at the girl that was staring at him, looking terrified. ‘You have nothing to fear from me my lady,’ he said offering her his hand.

  ‘Don’t hurt me.’ She whispered.

  ‘I won’t.’

          ‘Why did you kill him?’ she asked suddenly as she rose to her feet. Isaiah looked at her puzzled.

  ‘He harmed another human being intentionally, one of his own flesh and blood.’ he said.

  ‘So?’ the girl asked angrily. ‘Knock him out and call the police! You don’t just kill somebody cos’ he hurt someone!’ as Isaiah examined her in the light he realised this was not the girl he was looking for. This one had short bob cut black hair and had black lipstick and nail varnish.

  ‘Are you Elizabeth Barb?’ asked Isaiah. The girl looked taken back.

  ‘What if I am?’ she said taking a few small steps away from him.

  ‘I am here to help you my lady. Here to protect you.’

  ‘You’re insane, I’m calling the police.’

  ‘Please don’t.’ Isaiah said grabbing her wrist gently. She jumped as if shocked by electricity and pulled her wrist from his grip. ‘I have been sent here to protect you, and that is what I will do.’

  ‘Who are you?’ she asked looking at him awkwardly.

  ‘A friend.’ Sirens blared around them and blue lights shone on and off the walls. Several large men entered the alley with batons and guns drawn.  Isaiah bolted down the connecting alley way, raising his hood as he went.  As he ran he faintly heard a distant cry from Elizabeth ‘Wait!’

The End

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