Seraphim Angels

Wind whistled through Isaiah’s wings as he walked across the dry parched ground. The huge yellow sun was burning down on him and the heat waves from the Earth distorted the horizon. Occasionally a huge grey, leafless tree would come into view. He stood still, closed his eyes and tried to sense the world around him. Many animals lived here. Isaiah could feel their minds working, the slow thumping pulse of the cattle several miles away. The main species though, insects. Hundreds of thousands of ants, termites, and the occasional spider or scorpion. Breathing deeply he opened his eyes and flapped his wings, the dust gathered around him and as it settled he saw a new shape on the horizon. The blazing white shine from his sibling’s wings in the setting sun was blinding. He walked towards his approaching family member. The dry ground crunching underneath his feet.

          They neared each other and his sister, Tien, began to reveal herself from the shining light. She was tall with silvery blonde hair and pale, piercing blue eyes. Her lips were a tender shade of peach and the light seemed to dance from her clothes.  ‘Evening brother.’ She said as they stood before each other.

  ‘Hello Tien.’ Replied Isaiah. ‘You descend well?’

  ‘Well enough.’

  ‘Good, any idea where he has sent us?’ he asked looking around for any of his other brothers or sisters.

  ‘I believe this is the place he called “Africa”.’ She said scanning around the barren landscape. ‘The humans call this place the cradle of civilisation.’

  ‘That was his will.’ Said a deep voice from the left of them. Isaiah saw Malak striding towards them, his white wings ruffled and covered in patches of red dust. His chiselled jaw and furrowed face seemed to make him look menacing, but then his eyes were the kindest Isaiah could imagine.

  ‘Malak,’ said Tien looking up and down her brother. ‘This body suits you well.’

  ‘Bah!’ he spat. ‘I do not like being confined to one form, makes me feel bound.’ He said rolling his shoulders after a shudder.

  ‘How was your descent?’ asked Isaiah.

  ‘Less than troublesome, I landed uncomfortably in a tree.’

          ‘Have any of the others descended yet?’ he continued after a brief silence.

  ‘Maybe, we do not know until they arrive here.’ Said Tien.

  ‘I can feel someone approaching from the south east.’ Said Malak turning and looking south east. Sure enough the blazing glow was hovering over the horizon and moving swiftly towards them. Raphael soon stood with them, his thin face and spiked blonde hair clashed horribly with his muscular torso.

  ‘Brother Isaiah, Malak. Sister Tien.’ He said as he stood and began to preen his white wings.

  ‘Hello brother.’ The three of them chanted.

  ‘I do not like it here.’ Raphael said looking around. ‘Your sparks were the only things in this area. Apart from animals and insects.’

  ‘It is not your duty to judge Raphael.’ Said Tien sharply.

  ‘I am not questioning my duty; I just wish the good lord could have sent us to a location on this planet a little’ Raphael replied quickly.

  ‘Angelle is here.’ Isaiah said opening his eyes. ‘And Ariel is descending as we speak.’

          The others looked at Isaiah with stunned looks. ‘You are certainly powerful Bother Isaiah.’ Said Tien loudly.

  ‘We are all as powerful as each other; otherwise he would not have sent me.’ Said Isaiah humbly.

  ‘Evening brothers and sister,’ said a smooth voice behind them. Angelle’s voice sounded like a single pure note from a harp, it was  almost liquid. Her angular features made her look more hawk like than normal humans and her deep green eyes seemed to X-ray people, Isaiah had doubts whether she would assimilate with the humans looking like she did.

  ‘Sister Angelle.’ Isaiah said nodding his head towards her. ‘Welcome to Earth.’

  ‘I always preferred Eden,’ she said looking at the sky. ‘I liked it there.’

  ‘We are not here to like this place sister,’ said Isaiah. ‘He sent you on a mission...and Ariel is here.’ The spark from Ariel’s divinity was just hovering over Raphael’s left shoulder. ‘Is brother Ariel the last?’ he asked.

          ‘Clearly not,’ said Malak pointing over Isaiah’s shoulder. Isaiah turned his neck and saw a shooting star streaking across the sky. Only when the star stopped and floated downwards did he realize he was looking at a descent. Isaiah was beginning to feel more comfortable now that his brothers and sisters had joined him; three weeks on such an unfamiliar world had taken its toll on him.

  ‘Greetings siblings.’ Said a low voice from Ariel. He was a large muscular man with grey eyes and wiry grey hair.

  ‘Evening brother,’ the others replied.

  ‘Brother Isaiah, how has it been down here?’ asked Ariel.

  ‘Let me just say I will be happy to be rejoining my family in the Kingdom.’ Isaiah said looking at the falling star. ‘I believe we may need to help our remaining sister.’

  ‘Why’s that?’ asked Tien looking at the descending sibling. The light then crashed into the red earth with a plume of dust. ‘I agree.’ She added.

          Isaiah jumped into the air and slammed his wing open, the expulsion of air sent dust flying around him. More of the fine red earth was sent soaring into the wind as he flapped and turned in the air. He pushed off and speeded towards his fallen sibling. The heart of this body was hammering in his chest, the wind blew the hair from his face, it made his eyes water. A large cracked crater at least three foot deep marked the crash site and he hovered over its centre. Sister Angelina was stood in the crater holding her arm and looking confused. ‘Hello brother Isaiah. Good to see you again.’

  ‘Are you well sister Angelina?’ asked Malak as he floated to Isaiah’s side.

  ‘My descent from the Kingdom was slightly faster than I thought it would be brother Malak. Nothing to threat over.’ She answered smiling.  Her mucky blonde hair was ruffled from her fall and her clothes and wings were covered in the fine red dust of Africa. Her face was round with soft, fine features and deep brown eyes.

  ‘Are you hurt sister?’ Isaiah asked as his fellow siblings flocked around him and Malak.

  ‘Just bruised my brother,’ she said as she floated into the air and hovered opposite them.

          ‘I bring information though, the master wishes you to stay down here and lead us.’ Isaiah could feel his stomach sink. ‘Have you been informed of our mission?’ she asked.

  ‘Only what I needed to know.’ He replied.

  ‘Then come, we will wait until sun down before we travel, until then we may fill you in on the lords mission.’ Said Ariel.

  ‘Yes,’ replied Isaiah blankly, it was unfortunate. He was looking forward to returning to the Kingdom and taking up his normal duties. Soon they were all sat in a circle under the leafless canopy of a large branched tree. Orange and red had begun to streak across the sky as the sun dipped below the horizon. Giving the white wings and clothes of his Siblings and eyrie pink glow.

  ‘Well brother Isaiah,’ Tien began ruffling her wings gently. ‘We have been sent to Earth by the almighty to complete a mission.’

  ‘And the mission is?’

  ‘To seek out a person in desperate spiritual need and help to give them faith.’ Raphael finished.

  ‘Why?’ asked Isaiah.

  ‘Because the lord’s faith is diminishing on this planet. He wishes for the faith to spread again,’ said Angelina.

  ‘But how would his faith spread by helping one person in need?’

          ‘All it took was one person last time,’ Malak said smiling. ‘All it took was his prophet, his son and the religion of God spread worldwide. For nearly two thousand years it was practised ruthlessly, now it is time for that to happen again.’

  ‘But we must be careful,’ added Angelle. ‘We must spread the religion carefully we cannot walk in the middle of the crowded city. It would cause uproar.’

  ‘We need to spread the word of God subtly. Steadily.’  Said Ariel.

  ‘But why send us?’ asked Isaiah studying the calm faces of his siblings.

  ‘What is a greater symbol of Christianity and god’s love than Angels?’ Angelina said smiling slightly.

  ‘And you are to lead us, so Brother Isaiah, what are we to do?’ Malak asked as he got to his feet. The other angels followed him and Isaiah was the last to stand.

  ‘We have each been given a location, and the lord told me to give you yours.’ Said Angelina. ‘A place called “London” on an island off the coast of Europe.’

  ‘Then we wait until star rise and then we all fly to London, then we each head our separate ways to the cities and fulfil his will.’ He said as he looked over the faces of his fellow angels. ‘We travel by our light, today we let this world know we are here.’

          The moon and stars had raised itself high in the sky when Tien approached Isaiah. ‘Hello brother. May I ask a question?’

  ‘Of course.’ He answered.

  ‘Why is your form so...child like.’

  ‘I must admit I haven’t seen myself to know what I look like, but I am the youngest here, by a good way.’

  ‘That’s true,’ Isaiah heard the crunching of his siblings behind him.

  ‘Shall we head to London brother?’ Michelangela asked him.

  ‘Aye.’ Isaiah jumped into the air and opened his wings as wide as they would go. His brothers and sisters filled the air around him with their wings. The area around the suddenly became illuminated from their light. Higher and higher they rose until Isaiah kicked off and speeded through the air. It felt good for him to soar like this, before he was confined to the ground and forbidden to fly anywhere. But now he finally felt free, the cold air filling his lungs and the night sky above him. His siblings had joined him in the air so they made one large line. Isaiah could feel himself flying faster and faster until there was a loud boom in his ears. Six more followed in quick succession. Isaiah was flying faster than he ever had before. The ground beneath him was just a blur of red and green. Occasionally a small village of round mud huts would fly beneath them, it occupants staring out the doorways looking skywards for the source of the noise.

The End

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