Septembers ch.3Mature

September the 1st

‘You still awake mate? Hello?’


That loving statement is followed very quickly by another painful meeting between my nose and that ever so familiar gun. What happened to me I wonder? Was it all the pain from my now unusable nose that caused me to blackout for those sweet, sweet painless seconds or was it something else? Something like survivor’s guilt?  Have I actually been as deeply affected by this one man’s death as it seems to me now? It was only one man. One single solitary man. It was probably the nose, my throbbing mountain of pain upon my blood soaked face. I am seriously losing my patience for these three nose haters!

‘I am awake now thank you.’ I manage to choke out. I try and sit up; thankfully I can which means that ‘they’ haven’t fully tied me up, yet, it seems simply my hands are enough to make me completely harmless, to these guys even know who I am? ‘Was there something you wanted to ask me?’ I am really beginning to hate my snide streak, but seriously it’s something I cannot help. Woe betides me I guess. Evidently the remark hasn’t gone down as well as I would have hoped it would have gone down. My face has just met the muddy floor. Ouch. I should have guessed that my mouth is going to cause me a lot more pain than is already coming my way.

‘Well as you asked yes I do have something I wanted to ask a worm like you.’ The lead goon grabs my hair and yanks me back so I can see his ‘handsome’ face a little more clearly ‘The question I so wanted to ask you is this. How oh how do you think you can ever get out of a situation like this? And if the answer is ‘I can’t get out’ why oh why do you still talk to me Mr. Judge, Jury and Executioner in such a BLOODY MINDED WAY’ he raises his gun toting hand for another smash. My nose is obviously the main target for pain today, what has it ever done to them? Fun fun fun. I really don’t want to be hurt again. I really, really don’t want my nose hurt either! I quickly do the maths three goons, dumb but strong, at least one is armed, suspect that all of them are. Three to one; three ugly strong goons against one beaten and battered fugitive. That’s a very bad ratio, on them.

I guess it’s about time to try and escape; they obviously don’t know what I am capable of and once again haven’t been briefed accordingly. For a man of my abilities he is sending lightweights, I obviously must have hurt his finances more than I thought. A switch in my mind flicks to cold blooded killer and I am ready, ready to fight back and kill every last one of these bastards! He was waiting for an answer so I will bloody well give him one. He stupidly left my legs untied, typical dumb hired goon, with a simple little flick the ugly parasite has been flicked onto the ground as I myself am propelled upwards into a running start. Judge, Jury and Executioner my arse! I run, run and run, I can vaguely hear the shouts of the goons but I can feel no bullets. The big cheese obviously wants me alive now, not another repeat of last time please. ‘Run you buggers RUN!’ a high speed running chase has ensued I guess ‘we have to catch this maggot or the boss will have our balls on a plate’. Brilliant, I get to stretch my legs, been meaning to do this for a long time.

The End

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