Yellow Ducks

Brandi Roux is my name. A thirteen year old, who was stuck in a dead end relationship, with a boy who didn't seem to interested. Not even interested to hold my hand. He was my first though, so I figured I would put up with it. But being one of only five girls who hadn't managed expierence their first kiss yet, I would have to say it was a little uneasy for me.

My best friend of that time -Kaylee Days- was just like me. She had only just managed to get her first boyfriend. He was an underclassmen though, but only by a year. Honestly he was more appealing to the eyes than mine was... Yet she only met him through one of his ex's. A little awkward if you ask me. But I had the honor of meeting him in person for the first time with her. So I found myself preparing to spend the next three hours at the ballpark for a softball game.

Yet it was Neko's softball game, so I was willing to put up with it to see my other best friend. Kaylee and I had been much closer that year since Neko and I weren't privilaged enough to get in the same class again. So I grew closer to Kaylee, seeming how I saw her more often. Neko, unlike the two of us, was more lucky when it came to relationships, and had many boyfriends, even one who was friends with the guy Kaylee was planning on meeting. So the four of us were all going to hang out at the game. Joy.

We met up at the ball park. Kaylee seemed super giddy when it came to the thought of meeting her new boy. I wasn't too interested really, I was only drug along because her mother wouldn't let her go without a friend with her. A boy rolled up on his bike, a bag slung across his shoulder. He had shaggy dyed blond hair, and sharp blue eyes. His thick eyelashes made it appear that he was wearing eyeliner.

Don't get me wrong, we knew this kid. We talked to him on the phone multiple times, and even over the internet. But this was really the first time we met face to face. Kaylee seemed a little nervous and couldn't manage to choke out words to him. Pathetic kind of, but what did it really matter to me?

He looked over at me awkwardly, then back at Kaylee and smiled. He hopped off his bike, and reached back into his bag and grabbed out something fuzzy and yellow. It was a stuffed animal in the shape of a duck, which he knew was one of her favorite animals. Her face lit up as he handed it to her.

"Do you like it?"  He asked, seeming a little nervous himself.

"Its perfect," She giggled, holding it close to her chest. He cracked a smile. "Thank you so much, Landon."

"No problem," He chuckled. "Who's this?" He asked, looking over at me awkardly.

"Brandi," I muttered simply, pointing to myself. He breathed out an 'Oh' realizing that we had obviously talked before. Heck, he told me about her gift the day before.

"Where's your boyfriend?" He asked slyly, since I had always tried to make myself sound cool by bragging about my crappy boyfriend. He hadn't been answering any of my phone calls, so of course he wouldn't have bothered to show up to see me, even though we hadn't talked for weeks. At this rate I knew we wouldn't talk all summer.

"Shut up," I hissed. Kaylee looked at me, with confusion. Suddenly Danny, Neko's boyfriend, popped up from behind us.

"Landon!" Danny called out. "Brotha' how are ya?"

"Good," He muttered, grabbing ahold of Danny's hand. He shook it quickly. Then the four of us walked over to the stands since the game was about to start. We sat in the front row, with me on the end, Kaylee on my left along with Landon and Danny. I felt a little left out since the whole time Kaylee talked to Landon, kicking me out by blocking my view with her small body.

The whole time I managed just to get more and more irritated. Along with that I even questioned my own relationship. Finally it came time that I got to leave. It was then that Kaylee managed to figure out that with me around, she would be able to talk to him while we waited for my mom to come, so she had that planned for whenever her games came around. So now the new idea was that I would have to go to her games and hang out with Landon, who from what I felt today, was a complete jerk.

Double Joy.

The End

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