Judgement: Tracer, Chaser and Time Out

Mae Lee-West had gotten off stage, kicked her heals off... those things hurt her feet after a while. Rubbing her ankles a bit, before sitting straight in her chair. Posture perfect, she breathes in through her nose. Putting her fist just slightly above her third eye--phienal gland--whatever. She points a single finger upwards, then points it foreward. Vibrating her lines--not worrying about people hearing her over the normal din of the location, "Oh powers beyond the powers we understand as existing, please guide me to finding her."

Mae was met with a slight vision in front of her. Not certain if anybody else could experience the vision--as she tried to only do this whenever nobody was watching. Abilities she used in front of others were the merely okay ones. In it, Lucy was in an apartment of some kind. Well, presumably. Mae could only view the apartment in her window like vision of the location. Any time she tried to jump closer, a small ensignia would bump her window away. Mae dispells the window which burst into a cloud. Slumping down just a slight bit... obviously relaxing in her chair.

Mae sighs, "well, at least I know she did have the good sense to invoke a guardian summon. It worries me that she would feel the need to have an area guardian roaming where she is."

Mae restored her good posture, and was just about to run something to identify who that guardian it was invoked. Putting her fist towards her right temple--she felt the notion of somebody watching her. She turns--the shadow darts away. Mae curses under her breathe, before jumping up and running after the shadow. Her shoes left behind. As unfortunate as some may consider it--she did not want to be running in those things.


Lucy kept feeling a pounding in her head as events occured. She fought her urge to look at the pads on her arms, to check on her ranger signs, to deal with the guardian. She did glance to make certain blood had not appeared from it. If something attacked her guardian, bleeding from her arms would be a rather odd inconvience to explain to anybody near by.


Melee jumped around the corners she saw the figures dashing around--until she jumped into a group of three of them. "Oh bugger!"

The men stood and held themselves like marionettes. Their faces looked like painted on tin soldiers. They were in full on black three piece suits with stove pipe top hats. Their eyes focused in odd locations. Like what they were looking at was not what everybody else saw. These guys appeared to have flashes appear near their hands that seemed to make Melee's mind stutter a bit. Melee shook her head, "best not to think about this."

Melee willing a psionic blade into her hand, "I better not wake up in an odd location thanks to you pixie leading..."

Melee heard a few screams. They came from the theater she had just dashed out of. She turned her head, only to feel an extreme amount of vertigo in which she passed out.

Melee quickly mapped out how time was passing for her, she was losing a lot of time here--she had learned how to deal with time loss... the powers that be would have her not waking up until the morning after tomorrow. Well--if she was not thankful for job security before. She would be now. The murder happened the night after she went missing. Now, all she had to do was wait for everybody else to catch up to her, to allow her to wake up.

The End

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