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Gerhardt Gasparder, in The Mark of Civilization, identifies the nature of God as being a unifying force. It is a crutch for us to lean on. We have evolved beyond crutches, and it is my sincere belief that the old mysticisms of Towen and Rawen are as harmful to the people within the as they are beneficial. Anyone who has spoken to me in person will note that this is a crowd pleasing, watered-down version of my beliefs. 

Thus I must address my purpose. We hide our sites of Religious Importance behind all manner of red tape, hindering our investigation into them. Imagine the relics of long-lost society that we could find there! It is our superstitions that keep us from furthering our knowledge. This is an injustice for which I simply will not stand.

- Edward Blackwood, 
An Address To The Legislature of Towen
On A Matter Of Archaeological Urgency
(Excerpt), 2024.

The End

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