"Hey, John! Wanna go bowling with me tonight?" I asked my best friend.

"Sure! What time should I come to your house?"

"How about 6:30?"

"Sounds great! See you later, Jill." I walked home with my little sister. WE had been sent out to get milk and bread from the store. My mother was in a wheel chair, so I moved back home to help her, and take care of Leona, my nine year old sister. I am twenty-two.

My parents got divorced when I was Leona's age. I stayed with my mom, and dad came to visit us once a month, then he disappeared. My mom never remarried, but accidentally had another child. When Leona was seven years old, she fell in a ditch. My mom went down to get her, but she fell and broke both legs. Leona broke an arm, but she was young and healthy, so she recovered quickly. As soon as I found out about the injuries, I packed my stuf and moved back in with mom.

"Let's put all of this in the kitchen, and I will make us some lunch." I said as we walked in the door of the apartment of our small apartment.

"Okay, big sis." We set all of the groceries on the counter, and Leona ran off to play.

"Ma? What do you want for lunch with your bread?"

"Um.... How about some chicken and pasta salad?"

"You got it!" I quickly prepared lunch for the three of us, and we ate in silence.

Once we were through with lunch, I helped ma to her bed for her afternoon nap and brought Leona outside.

"Sis? Can you kick the soccer ball with me? I haven't gotten any practice and I want to try out for the soccer team this year."

"Sure! I can only play for a little while though. Then I have to get ready to go bowling."

We grabbed the ball, and walked to the park, conviniently located right accross the street from our apartment building. We kicked the soccer ball for about an hour, then we headed back to the apartment. I only had 30 minutes to get ready, so I skipped the shower, put on deoderant, my bowling shoes, and sat on the steps in front of the building to wait for John.

Just five minutes later, John pulled into the parking lot in his brand new convertable.

"Hey Jill! Come on!"

"Hey John!" I jumped into the passenger seat and made myself comfy.

"What's up girl?"

"Nothin' much. You?"

"Well, of course, on our bowling night, I broke my finger."

"What? Are you okay? How?"

"I'm fine. I was gonna buy you your very own bowling ball. But, I dropped it and it landed on my other finger."

"Wow! That sucks! What are we gonna do tonight, then? Maybe you should just go home and rest." I was about to step out of the car when John grabbed my hand.

"No way! I bought us concert tickets! Coldplay!"

"Sweet! Let's go!"

"Okay!" He put his foot on the pedal and we drove to the concert.

"So, why concert tickets? We could have just gone to the soccer field. I would have been goalie, so you wouldn't, you know, hit your finger."

"Well, I wanted to go to the concert. It sounded like fun, and, well, I'll tell you later."

"What will you tell me later?"

"Nothin'. It's not important right now."

"Whatever." the rest of the drive we rode in silence. Many different things were going through my mind. What could my best friend be keeping from me? Luekemia? Is he moving? Does he hate me? What did I do? too much for one night. So, I just pushed all the worry to the back of my mind and tried to enjoy the concert. Anyways, Coldplay was our favorite band. So, I should enjoy it.


"Woohoo! That was awesome!"

"So, you had fun?"

"Yep!" I had had an amazing time! John surprised me with backstage tickets, and I acually got to meet them! Can you imagine? Meeting your all time favorite band, with your best friend at your side! Wow.

But, I was still thinking about what John had said before the concert. I felt like there was something wrong. And I knew I wasn't gonna like it.

The End

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