The journey of two best friends - John and Jill.

  This is the story of me and my best friend. It starts with me as I am at 20 years old, and continues from there. If you continue reading, you will continue a very emotional journey in which many surprises occur. I do ask you to step into my shoes, and see the world how I see it, through my eyes. You may not have a best friend like me, or you may have an even better one (which I highly doubt because John is awesome). But, no matter what, you must stay with me. This is my journey. My story. And all I ask is that you read it, and see how things have turned out.... Maybe even learn a lesson or two while your at it. 
  Anyways, John and I (Jill) have been friends forever. We go through many things together and apart in the following story. Some parts are the worst moments of my life.... And others are the best.

The End

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