Watching The Watchers


Somewhere in the heart of Senta...

I viewed the real world through my collaboration of screens- CCTV cameras, droid's eye screens and the eye chips of all my followers. I had built and programmed all of it by myself- well, with some help from her. She never reveals her name and just pops up whever she pleases. But she is not the boss of me! No, she is not, and will never be!

"Yes, my minions, kill the girl and anybody who intervenes," I cackled to the main screen in which two of my most faithful watchers had trapped the 'Sophie' girl. "Nobody must get in the way of my plans for Resonance. And then, then, I shall have control of Senta and this solid world that once outcast me!" I couldn't help it; I laughed. A laugh so hard, so powerful it echoed round the Dome I was conceiled in...

The End

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