"I can`t breathe.I can`t breath!"My brain is sending panic alarms down my spine and is forcing my body to react to all the adreneline that is now rushing throught my system.I am fighting for my live in a batle I  can`t  win,and I am aware of it.Hence the panic setting in, and this force that sits on my chest and prevents me from taking the most needed intake of air as a name:fear.

As I slowly go into unconscience I recall the events that put me in this place to beguin with.


"Hey,have you finish writing the repport yet ?" His voce is still heard above all the noice that normally exist in a running newspaper.

"Have you ever heard of phones ?There is one sitting by your desk,which would prevent my ears from resenting all this shouthing you always submit me to.And no I haven`t finished it yet."

A grounting noice nearer now,which tells me that my boss is walking this way in that steady pace of his on account of all the extra weight put offer the holidays,jokes would be said around the room,some he would ignore,some he would take in good humour,mine he would simply say that I should put some meat on my own body before opening my mouth. He would be right,of course!

That was the man walking towards me, I applied for a freelance position with the paper and instead had hired me on the spot for the columm advice section,and now a mere 10 years later here I was writing what could be in our knowledge a very hot story indeed!

"What is taking you so long ???"

"Having you breathing down my neck.All that puffing is keeping me distracted." And I grin at his face.

A scoul and another grunt put his face closer to my screen.

"Hey.Just because you are the editor in-chief doesn`t mean you can read my pieces before I finish editing them."And my hands try and move him out of the way.

"Well your piece was due on my desk exactly 5 minutes ago.So ?"

"I am not done yet.There is one more thing I need to confirm.I am meeting this person at the pub around 6 tonight  as soon as I have what I need I shall finish it off and email you the piece to your home adress,ok ?It will still have enough time for approval and the deadline at the prints."

"You better otherwise there will be more shouting.And for the rest of you,go back to your work,there is a paper to write,people!"

Mumbling under his breath he walked throught the desks and stopped here or there at request.

I turned my attention back to the screen,one more thing to confirm and it was done,but since starting to write this story one thought had started to nag me.

"What about the children?How would they be affected by this story and the ones surely following mine ?Was it right to do it ?"

A feel of dread at started to set in over a couple of years of all the smudge and unclear stories I had helped print out just because it was what people read these days!

Was I  developing a conscience? Perish the though! My job was done for if it proved I was!!

I looked at my watch and picking  my bag made my way to the front door.But there was still enought time to hear him shout at me.

"You better have that story by 8 tonight or else..."

With a grin and a gesture that I know he heard because laughter sudenly  filled the room I push the doors and wlked away with troubled thoughts eating me out...

The End

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