I am adrift, floating in an empty vacuum of thought which gently rocks me along the path I must take.

Something beckons through the dark, a temptation I must not follow, an emptiness which I would not return from if I was swallowed by sensation.

To the left I feel a presence but each time I stretch to see it the darkness only increases. It folds inwards, brushing against my skin with such softness that I barely notice. Only when my conscience takes a moment to pause in its thoughts does it realise there is something there.

Something with me.

Following me in to the abyss.

I stretch my head back once more, as another wave rocks me. I fall, rise, fall again, until the sensation dulls once more and the temptation in the dark begins to beckon once more.

Is it so wrong to fall amongst the waves? To let them carry me away in to this darkness that swirls and caresses me, tempting me away from that which I must not avoid...

I am falling again, and all thoughts of escape are consumed by the darkness.

Another wave crashes against me and I am arched, my very heart beating against this flesh prison that bars it from the darkness. It will break me, shatter me in to pieces I fear.

And then, in some miraculous moment, everything pauses, at the height of sensation and I am floating, the center of everything. Threads have appeared, twisting, connecting me to everything.


And then my heart breaks free of its boundaries, breaks the fleshy chains that bind it, and jumps in to the abyss. My body shatters in its absense. Slowly.


Shattering across the empty chasm, illuminated by light.


The End

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