The lonelyness of a long-distance relationship




He must hold a world record for the number of time he had clicked send receive. The loneliness of the long distance runner was nothing compared to the loneliness of being in a long-distance relationship. Three hundred miles. Email, Skype, texts and mobile calls were no substitute for a real hug.

And then there was the jealousy. Or, rather, the suspicions that aroused feelings of jealousy. The internet searches to see what she was up to.  Looking at all of her male friends on Facebook. Who was she interested in?

And then the many breakups when the pain of separation became too great. And her speedy posting of profile on dating sites. And her spending time with male friends.

This could not go on. The breakups and makeups too regular.

This must end now. But how do you end an addiction?

The End

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